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Restricted-Application Courses

Certain courses are Restricted-Application Courses. They have early assessment procedures which may start as early as February. You must check the relevant prospectus for details.

In the lists of courses in the CAO Handbook, these courses are identified by the words "(Restricted - see page 3)". You can also search for restricted courses here by choosing the restricted filter.

An application for a Restricted-Application Course will not be considered unless
  • it has been included among your original course choices by 1st February
  • OR
  • it has been added to your existing application not later than the final date for correction of errors or omissions (see pages 14 and 15). This date will normally be 1st March and it is your responsibility to ensure that any Restricted-Application Courses are present and correct by that date.
Restricted-Application Courses which are included in Late Applications are invalid choices and will not be considered.

If a restricted course shares the exact same assessment procedures with a course you had applied for by 1st February (fulfilling conditions a) or b) above), you may be permitted to introduce it on a Change of Mind.

You should consult with the relevant HEI before introducing such a course.