Available Place Course List 2017

Last updated: 28/10/2016 15:33
Correct as of: 30/04/2017 15:38

NB: Courses are added/removed on instruction from HEIs
(Links to HEI web pages are provided where supplied)

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AC120   International Business
AC137   Liberal Arts
AD101   1st Year Art and Design (Common Entry)
AD202   Design or Fine Art, and Education - Second Level Teaching
AD212   Product Design
AD215   Visual Culture
AL810   Quantity Surveying
AL820   Mechanical and Polymer Engineering
AL830   General Nursing
AL831   Mature Applicants General Nursing
AL832   Psychiatric Nursing

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AL601   Electronics and Computer Engineering
AL602   Mechanical Engineering
AL604   Civil Engineering
AL630   Pharmacy Technician
AL631   Dental Nursing

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