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NB: Courses are added/removed on instruction from HEIs
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DT220   Industrial Mathematics
GA282   Heritage Studies
GA884   Digital Media and Society - Mayo Campus
GA886   Business - Mayo Campus
GA887   History and Geography - Mayo Campus
GC200   Business Studies (Cork)
GC201   Accounting and Finance (Cork)
GC230   Computing Science (Cork)
GC300   Business Studies (Limerick)
GC400   Business Studies (Dublin)
GC401   Accounting and Finance (Dublin)
GC402   Business Studies (HRM - Dublin)
GC403   Law (Dublin)
GC405   International Hospitality Management (Dublin)
GC407   Business Studies (Marketing - Dublin)
GC430   Computing Science (Dublin)
GC431   Computing Science (Cloud Computing - Dublin)
GC432   Computing Science (Software Development - Dublin)
GC433   Computing Science (Network Management - Dublin)
GC434   Computing Science (Games Development - Dublin)
GC450   Journalism and Visual Media (Dublin)
GC455   Music Production (Dublin - Portfolio)
GC462   Design Communication (Dublin - Portfolio)
GC489   Interior Architecture (Dublin)
GC494   Fashion Design (Dublin - Portfolio)
NC023   Tech Management with Data Analytics, Social Media and Business Analysis

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DB513   Business
DB522   Business in Accounting
DB533   Business in Marketing
DB563   Arts
DB571   Business Studies
DB572   Business in Accounting
DB573   Business in Marketing
DB574   Business in Information Technology
DB575   Social Studies
DB576   Film and Media
DB578   Journalism and Media
DB580   Legal Studies
DB581   Legal and Business Studies
DB582   Legal Studies
DB583   Legal and Business Studies
GA272   Heritage Studies
GA360   Tourism
GA362   Hotel and Hospitality Operations
GA374   Tourism Management
GA869   Business with Administration and ICT Skills - Mayo Campus
GA872   Culture and Environment (with Tourism) - Mayo Campus
GA877   Business - Mayo Campus
GA878   Accounting and Financial Management - Mayo Campus
GB001   Business
GC265   Journalism (Cork)
GC306   International Hospitality Management (Limerick)
GC311   Business (Limerick)
GC316   Business (Limerick)
GC335   Computing (Limerick)
GC340   Computing (Limerick)
GC406   International Hospitality Management (Dublin)
GC410   Marketing (Dublin)
GC411   Business (Dublin)
GC416   Business (Dublin)
GC425   Legal Studies (Dublin)
GC435   Computing (Dublin)
GC440   Computing (Dublin)
GC445   Computer Games Technology (Dublin)
GC460   Music Production for Games (Dublin - Portfolio)
GC465   Journalism (Dublin)
GC466   Film and TV Production (Dublin)
GC470   Photographic Media (Dublin)
GC475   Photography (Dublin)
GC490   Interior Design (Dublin)
LY117   Administration and IT
LY317   Culinary Arts (Killybegs)
LY327   Hospitality and Tourism (Killybegs)
LY336   Bar and Restaurant Supervision (Killybegs)
LY337   Culinary Science (Common Entry)
LY346   Culinary Arts (Killybegs)
LY406   Photography
LY506   Construction Technology with BIM
LY517   Building Services and Renewable Energy
LY547   Architectural Technology
PI201   Montessori Education
SG401   Science

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