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Cuardaigh Cúrsa Uasiontrála (Cúrsaí 2019) /
Advanced Entry Course Search (2019 courses)

Déanann sé seo cúrsaí (blianta 2,3 agus 4) UasIontrála a chuardach atá curtha ar fáil ag na hinstitiúidí tríú leibhéil le hiarratais a sheoladh isteach orthu./
This searches advanced entry courses (years 2, 3 or 4), that have been made available to apply to by participating HEIs. If your course is not listed, please contact the institution.

Cúrsaí de réir Institiúide (cúrsaí 2019) /
Search by Institution
Roghnaigh de réir Institiúide agus cliceáil ar "Go" / Select by Institution and click on Go:

Cuardaigh Cúrsa – de réir teidil/eochairfhocail (cúrsaí 2019) /
Search by title/keyword
Do not enter either "and" or "&" in your search. e.g. for "Hotel and Catering" enter "Hotel Catering". 
Ná cuir `agus`, `and` ná `&` i do chuardach. e.g. don chúrsa `Hotel and Catering` cuir isteach `Hotel Catering`.
Cuir eocharfhocal isteach sa chuardach agus cliceáil ar "Go" / Enter a search keyword and click on Go:

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