Mature Applicants

  1. Certain restrictions may apply in the case of Mature Applicants. Such applicants MUST contact the Admissions Office or Mature Students Officer of the appropriate HEIs well in advance of the closing date.
  2. Normally mature applicants should be 23 years old on or before 1st January 2013 for admission in Autumn 2013 and must apply by 1st February 2013. However, some HEIs may have a different age requirement, different definitions of mature applicants, etc., and some will consider applications received after 1st February 2013.
  3. In all cases, intending applicants should contact the Admissions Office or Mature Students Officer of the appropriate HEIs well in advance of application closing dates.
  4. If you are applying for nursing/midwifery, using mature applicant course codes, you must apply for these courses through CAO by 1st February 2013.

    Mature applicants must apply direct to the following HEIs:

    HEI Closing Date
    Church of Ireland College of Education 2nd April
    Marino Institute of Education 2nd April
    Mary Immaculate College, Limerick 2nd April
    St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra 2nd April
    University of Limerick 1st May
    National College of Ireland O P E N
    All Hallows College, Dublin O P E N
    American College Dublin O P E N
    College of Computer Training O P E N
    Dublin Business School O P E N
    Grafton College of Management Sciences O P E N
    Griffith College O P E N
    IBAT College Dublin O P E N
    ICD Business School, Dublin O P E N
    Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences O P E N
    Independent Colleges Dublin O P E N
    Portobello Institute, Dublin O P E N

  5. Mature applicants applying to:
    1. Dublin City University
    2. NUI Maynooth
    3. Pontifical University Maynooth
    4. Trinity College Dublin
    must submit the normal application to CAO by the closing date of 1st February 2013.

    In addition, they must also submit to the appropriate HEI, by 1st February 2013, a separate form which is available from the Admissions Office of the HEI.

    Contact NUI Maynooth directly to ascertain late application availability for some courses.
  6. The HEIs which are not mentioned in (4) or (5) above require mature applicants to apply through CAO.
  7. Individual HEIs may have restrictions on Late Applications and Changes of Mind. Mature applicants should make enquiries from the appropriate Admissions Office and/or Mature Students Officer BEFORE submitting a Late Application or Change of Mind.