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CAO Communication with Applicants

Please note:
  1. These dates may be amended.
  2. CAO may communicate with applicants on dates that are not listed below.
  3. CAO will correspond with applicants via post, e-mail, SMS text or telephone.
  4. All CAO correspondence must be read carefully and any errors or omissions notified to CAO immediately.
  5. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all relevant correspondence is received and dealt with appropriately. If an applicant is going to be absent at any stage between February and October, they should arrange for someone to deal quickly with their correspondence. Failure to respond may have very serious consequences.
Postal Correspondence:
Please note: If you do not receive any of the scheduled postal correspondence listed below, or if there are any errors or omissions, you must contact CAO via "Contact" immediately.

Before 15th February Paper Applicants will be sent a Statement of Course Choices. A Statement of Course Choices is NOT sent to Online Applicants.
Before 15th May Late Paper Applicants will be sent a Statement of Course Choices.
Before End of May Statement of Application Record sent to all applicants (online and paper).
TBC Round A offers issued to some candidates - see page 16 of CAO Handbook.
TBC Round 0 offers issued to some candidates - see page 16 of CAO Handbook.
TBC Round 1 offers available from 14:00 online - Applicants who have not received an offer will receive a `Statement of Application` e-mail.
TBC Round 2 offers available from 10:00 online.
September to TBC Offers are issued by CAO as necessary to fill any vacancies that may arise
TBC Offer Season Ends

E-mail Correspondence:
The CAO communicates with applicants via e-mail at several intervals throughout the year. When you apply online you will receive an e-mail containing your CAO Application Number. If you change elements of your application online you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail.

The e-mail account provided by the applicant when applying to CAO must be active and checked regularly. If the applicant has changed their e-mail address or entered an incorrect address when applying they must amend their details using the "My Application" facility.

CAO is not responsible for any e-mail communication which is not received by an applicant, or for e-mails which may automatically redirect to a spam folder.

SMS Text Correspondence:
Applicants who have opted to receive text updates from CAO will receive SMS text messages at different intervals throughout the year, when they apply online, when they receive an offer and when they accept an offer. CAO is not responsible for any SMS text messages which are not received by an applicant.