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CAO Supporting DocumentsSupporting Documents

  1. Do I need to send documents as part of my application?
    Pages 5 – 8 of the CAO Handbook provide further information on any documentation or evidence you may need to supply to support your application.
  2. What is the deadline for submitting documents?
    Supporting documents must arrive in CAO within 10 days* of registering online with CAO.
    (*In light of current Covid-19 restrictions, if your documents are posted by 1st February they will be considered on time, however we encourage you to send your information as soon as possible).
    HEAR DARE documents must arrive in CAO by 17:15 on 15th March, 2021.
  3. What type of documents do you require?
    In respect of examinations already completed, you must supply to CAO certificates for all qualifications which you mention on your application form:
    • Certificates/transcripts should be supplied in their original language and should show dates, subjects and results.
    • They should NOT be originals*; they should be A4 photocopies, certified typically by a school stamp, a HEI Admissions Office stamp, or by a notary. CAO will not return original documents. (*except for Graduate Medicine where original transcripts of results for all years are required)
    • A certified English translation is required in the case of qualifications not issued originally in English or Irish, in addition to the certified A4 photocopies of the documents themselves.
    • If your documentation is in a different name from the name used on your application, then a certified copy of your official name change document must also be provided.
    • If English is not your first language you must provide evidence of English language competence and details of the English Language Qualification(s) that you hold – contact the HEIs directly for requirements.
    CAO will not check that the documents supplied meet with the requirements of the institutions.
    DARE and/or HEAR applicants should refer to pages 10 - 12 of the CAO handbook for instructions on the submission of supporting documents to CAO by 15th March at 17:15.
  4. I am an EU/Other School Leaving Applicant – what documents do I need to send?
    Applicants are generally required to supply a certified copy of their final school leaving examination results as soon as they are available. Documents not printed in English must be accompanied by an official translation.
    You may also be required to supply proof of English language proficiency.
    If you have further queries in relation to English Language proficiency, please see HEI websites or contact HEIs directly. HEI contact details can be found here.

    If you are sitting your examinations this summer, you do not need to supply your documents within ten days of applying, but you must supply the certified photocopies of your results as soon as they are available to you. For entry requirements criteria for EU/EFTA applicants, please click here.

    Please note: Candidates born and fully educated outside the Republic of Ireland who are presenting qualifications other than the Leaving Certificate for matriculation are automatically exempt from Irish and do not need to make application to NUI.
  5. How and where do I send the documents?
    All documents should be posted to: CAO, Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway, Ireland.
    When sending supporting documents to CAO please:
    • Number and date the top of each page.
    • Write your CAO application number on the top of each page.
    • Put your documents in an envelope ensuring the envelope contains only supporting documents for your CAO application.
    • If you wish to receive confirmation from CAO that your documents have been received you must include a self-addressed and stamped postcard in your envelope (you will not require a stamp for the postcard if you live outside of the Republic of Ireland).
    • Seal the envelope and include your return address on the back of the envelope.
    • You should obtain a Certificate of Posting from the Post Office. Please do not register your post; a Certificate of Posting will suffice.

  6. Can I e-mail or upload my documents?
    It is not possible to upload, e-mail, fax or send external storage devices of documents to CAO. Faxed, e-mailed or scanned documents are not considered sufficient evidence. All documents must be posted to CAO.
  7. (Impact of Covid-19 restrictions) I cannot get a stamp for my examinations documents because my school is currently closed, what should I do?
    If you cannot obtain a stamp on a document, send what you have without a stamp - you may receive a request for a stamped copy or sight of the original at a later stage.

    If your query is in relation to submitting DARE documentation, see question 11 below for instructions on providing a digital signature/stamp.
  8. (Impact of Covid-19 restrictions) My examination results will be later than expected, what should I do?
    CAO and the HEIs understand that there is much uncertainty at the moment. The best advice we can give is to send any evidence you have of relevant results now and send any further results as soon as you receive them. If you cannot obtain a stamp on a document send what you have without a stamp - you may receive a request for a stamped copy or sight of the original at a later stage.
  9. (Impact of Covid-19 restrictions) I cannot obtain a translation of my certificates due to the lockdown in my country, what should I do?
    Please submit your certified photocopy of the original certificate with a note stating that the translation service is currently unavailable to you. Please submit your certified translation as soon as the service becomes available to you. Do not forget to include your CAO application number on the front of all documentation sent to CAO.
  10. (Impact of Covid-19 restrictions) Can you tell me if you have received my documents?
    If you did not include a self-addressed postcard with your documents, then it is not possible for us to tell you if your documents have been received at this time. You may e-mail CAO at the end of February to ask us to check on the status of your documents.
    Alternatively, there will be an opportunity to view your documents in your CAO account in early April* - you will receive an e-mail from CAO at this time asking you to check that all of your documents are present and correct. (*DARE HEAR documents will not be available to view in your CAO Account)
  11. I am restricting my movements due to Covid-19 and cannot get to the post office with my supporting documents, what should I do?
    If you were unable to submit your documents by a published deadline because you were restricting your movements due to Covid-19, please contact us via the Correspondence Section of your account for further instructions.
  12. As schools are closed, I am unable to get my Educational Impact Statement signed and stamped by the school. What should I do?
    Schools can now electronically sign off students’ supporting documentation. In order to enable applicants to complete their application, DARE will accept an electronic signature from the school principal or deputy principal and an electronic stamp on the Educational Impact Statement (EIS).

    Further details are published here
  13. I am applying to DARE under Specific Learning Difficulties. As schools are closed, I am unable to get my updated literacy/numeracy testing completed. What should I do?
    Students applying with Specific Learning Difficulties can now use literacy or numeracy attainment test scores which are up to three years older than those originally sought (from 1st February 2016 instead of 1st February 2019).

    Further details are published on the DARE access college web-site and on the CAO web-site