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Press releases

CAO release 2022 offers schedule
The Central Applications Office (CAO) has today announced the date for Round One offers. Round One offers for school leaving applicants will issue on Thursday, 8 September at 2pm. Round Two offers will follow on 19 September at 10am. [more...]
CAO Statement of Application process has commenced
CAO applicants urged to check and confirm their account information before it's too late [more...]
CAO Late Application facility closing on 1 May at 5pm
The CAO deadline for late applications is Sunday, 1 May at 5pm. Potential applicants are advised to register on the system well in advance of this deadline. [more...]
CAO release 2022 course choices data
The Central Applications Office (CAO) has released 2022 application data up to the Change of Course Choices closing date of 1 March. [more...]
78,162 applicants at close of CAO normal application deadline
The Central Applications Office (CAO) normal application deadline closed at 5pm today (Tuesday, 1 February). The application figure to this deadline was 78,162. [more...]
CAO application deadline is tomorrow, 1 February at 5pm
Applicants who have not yet completed their application are urged by CAO to do so immediately, particularly mature applicants, applicants for the HEAR or DARE schemes, or those who are thinking about applying for a restricted course. [more...]
65,535 applicants to CAO by 20 January reduced-fee deadline
Today (20 January) the application figure by the close of the reduced-fee deadline was 65,535. [more...]
CAO opens for applications to higher education on Friday, 5 November
The Central Applications Office (CAO) online application facility for higher education institutions opens on Friday, 5 November from noon. [more...]
4135 Round Two CAO offers issue
The Central Applications Office (CAO) has today (Monday, 20 September) issued 4135 offers to applicants in Round Two of the CAO offers process. A total of 2859 Level 8 offers,and 1276 Level 7/6 offers, were made to 3619 CAO applicants in this round. 1452 applicants are receiving an offer for the first time. [more...]
82,175 Round One CAO Offers Issued
The Central Applications Office (CAO) has today (Tuesday, 7 September) issued 82,175 Round One Offers to 55,221 CAO applicants. These offers consist of 49,358 Level 8 course offers and 32,817 Level 7/6 course offers. [more...]

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