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NB: Courses are added/removed on instruction from HEIs
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AL849   Culinary Entrepreneurship
BY001   Business
CM010   Education Studies
CM020   Early Childhood Education
DB500   Computing
DB502   Computing (Data Analytics and Big Data)
DB503   Computing (Software Development)
DB510   Audio Production and Music Project Management
DB512   Business Studies
DB514   Business Studies (Law)
DB515   Business Studies (Human Resource Management)
DB517   Marketing (Event Management)
DB518   Marketing (Digital Media)
DB520   Global Business
DB521   Accounting and Finance
DB524   Business (Information Systems)
DB525   Marketing (Digital Media and Cloud Computing)
DB526   Business (Cloud Computing)
DB531   Marketing
DB562   Psychology
DB566   Social Science
DB567   Film and Creative Media
DB568   Law
DB569   Business (Psychology)
DK810   Accounting and Finance
DK823   Mathematics and Data Science
DK824   Computing Systems and Operations
DK846   Civil Engineering
DK850   International Tourism Management
DK860   Music (audition)
DK861   Arts
DK876   Early Childhood Studies
DL822   Arts Management
DL823   Business Management
DL833   Photography and Visual Media
DL841   English and Equality Studies
GC200   Business [Cork]
GC201   Accounting and Finance [Cork]
GC230   Computing Science [Cork]
GC300   Business [Limerick]
GC301   Accounting and Finance [Limerick]
GC302   Business (HRM) [Limerick]
GC307   Business (Marketing) [Limerick]
GC400   Business [Dublin]
GC401   Accounting and Finance [Dublin]
GC402   Business (HRM) [Dublin]
GC403   Law [Dublin]
GC407   Business (Marketing) [Dublin]
GC430   Computing Science [Dublin]
GC450   Communications and Media Production [Dublin]
GC456   Film,TV and Screen Media Production [Dublin]
GC462   Graphic Communication Design (portfolio) [Dublin]
GC489   Interior Architecture (portfolio) [Dublin]
GC494   Fashion Design (portfolio) [Dublin]
LY348   Hospitality Management
LY928   Intellectual Disability Nursing
MH803   Local Studies/Community Studies (part-time, evening) - Mature Students
MT820   Contemporary Applied Art (Ceramics,Glass,Textiles - Portfolio) [CCAD Sharman Crawford Street]
MT821   Fine Art (Portfolio) [CCAD Sharman Crawford Street]
MT822   Photography with New Media (Portfolio) [Crawford Street]
MT834   Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (portfolio) [Kerry]
MT936   Music (Entrance Test) [Cork School of Music]
MT937   Popular Music (Entrance Test) [Cork School of Music]
MT939   Theatre and Drama (Assessment Test) [Cork School of Music]
NC020   Marketing Practice
NC023   Technology Management (with specialisations)
NC025   Data Science
NC030   Early Childhood Education and Care
PC405   Social, Political and Community Studies
PC410   Arts and Humanities (fulfils Teaching Council requirement)
PC411   English and History (fulfils Teaching Council requirement)
TU961   Commercial Modern Music (BIMM - assessment/audition) [Francis Street]

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AL650   Business
AL660   Culinary Arts
AL661   Bar Supervision
AL761   Hotel and Leisure Management
BY002   Business
DB534   Sound Engineering and Music Production
DB563   Arts
DB571   Business Studies
DB572   Business in Accounting
DB573   Business in Marketing
DB574   Business in Information Technology
DB576   Film and Creative Media
DK710   Business and Management
DK711   Business and Technology
DK712   Digital Marketing and Public Relations
DK721   Computing - Common entry
DK722   Augmented and Virtual Reality
DK740   Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Systems
DK742   Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
DK744   Engineering - Civil Engineering
DK750   Hospitality Management
DK752   Event Management
DK753   Culinary Arts
DK763   Sport, Exercise and Enterprise
DK767   Community Youth Work (interview)
DK771   Musical Theatre (audition)
DL701   Business - Applied Entrepreneurship
GA160   Business (Level 6) [Galway]
GA272   Heritage Studies [Galway]
GA360   Business in Tourism [Galway]
GA361   Culinary Arts [Galway]
GA362   Hotel and Hospitality Operations [Galway]
GA364   Heritage Studies [Galway]
GA370   Hotel and Catering Management [Galway]
GA377   International Tourism Management [Galway]
GA862   History and Geography [Mayo]
GA864   Early Childhood Education and Care [Mayo]
GA870   Outdoor Education and Leisure [Mayo]
GA872   Culture and Environment [Mayo]
GB001   Business
GC335   Computing [Limerick]
GC435   Computing [Dublin]
GC460   Music Production for Games (portfolio) [Dublin]
GC465   Communications [Dublin]
GC466   Film,TV and Screen Media Production [Dublin]
GC470   Photographic Media [Dublin]
GC475   Photography [Dublin]
GC480   Graphic Communication Design [Dublin]
GC490   Interior Design [Dublin]
GC495   Fashion Design [Dublin]
LY007   Inclusive Practice for Special Needs Assistance
LY107   Business - Common Entry
LY207   Law with Criminal Justice
LY317   Culinary Arts [Killybegs, Co. Donegal]
LY347   Sport and Exercise
LY447   Fashion with Promotion
LY457   Graphic and Digital Design
LY507   Quantity Surveying
LY537   Construction (Arch. Technology or Const. Management)
LY607   Electronic Engineering
LY637   Electric Vehicle Engineering
LY707   Computer Games Development
LY717   Computing
LY806   Pharmacy Technician
LY837   Food Science and Nutrition
LY846   Health Science with Dietetics Studies
MT513   Coaching and Sports Performance [Kerry]
MT575   Community Development [Cork]
MT655   Culinary Studies [Cork]
MT680   Science-Biological and Environmental Studies [Kerry]
MT732   Civil Engineering [Kerry]
MT766   Nautical Science [Nat Maritime Ringaskiddy]
NC104   Business Computing
NC105   Data Science
PC402   Arts and Humanities
PC404   Applied Social Studies - Professional Social Care
SG101   Business
SG102   Computing (Level 6 - General Entry)
SG231   Fine Art
SG300   Engineering (General Entry)
SG308   Applied Construction Technology
SG401   Science

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