Higher Education
(Universities, Institutes of Technology, Colleges of Education, etc.)

This information is required regardless of whether you passed or failed or did not take examinations.

Failure to disclose the appropriate information may result in the cancellation of the application. Checks are made to ensure that this information has not been omitted.

  1. If you have completed a course, you should include a copy of an academic transcript with your postal documents.
  2. If you have withdrawn from a course before completing it, you should enclose a certificate of attendance (with your postal documents) showing the relevant dates of entry and withdrawal.
  3. If you are still attending an institution of higher education give full details stating institution(s) attended, course(s) taken, dates of attendance, current status and results obtained. Attach these details to your postal documents. You do not need to supply the documentation mentioned in points 1 & 2 above.