Non-Standard Applications
Instructions for posting supporting documentation.

  1. You MUST supply to CAO certificates for all qualifications which you mention on the Non-Standard section of the form.
    1. Certificates should show dates, subjects and results.
    2. They should NOT be originals; they should be photocopies - certified typically by a school stamp.
    3. Supporting documents sent by fax or e-mail will NOT be accepted.
    4. All documents must be clearly marked with your name and CAO Application Number.
    5. A certified English translation is required in the case of qualifications not issued originally in English.

  2. All documents must be sent to CAO (see postal address below).
    Do NOT send anything to the individual HEIs unless requested specifically to do so.
  3. Please send documents to the following address:

    Central Applications Office,
    Tower House,
    Eglinton Street,
    Rep. of Ireland.
  4. Applicants wishing to receive an acknowledgement of receipt of their postal documents must include a stamped self-addressed postcard.
  5. Read "Supporting Documents" section of the CAO Handbook for further information.
  6. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in an extra fee and the consequent delay may seriously hinder the processing of your application.