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CAO Handbook
Lámhleabhar Gnáth Chóras Iarratais 2022 Iamhghabháil PDF  
Athruithe Tábhachtacha 2022 View page  
CAO Guides
Applying to CAO 2022 presentation Iamhghabháil PDF Slideshow
A guide for parents and guardians Iamhghabháil PDF Slideshow
Mature Student Guide Iamhghabháil PDF Slideshow
Information for applicants presenting GCE/GCSE examinations Iamhghabháil PDF  
Applying to CAO 2022 presentation (GCE applicants) Iamhghabháil PDF Slideshow
Common Points Scale from 2017 Iamhghabháil PDF Slideshow
Presentation by Professor Philip Nolan
2017 Leaving Cert Grades & Common Points Scales
Supplementary Information Form (SIF)
SIF Section B - Educational Impact Statement Form Iamhghabháil PDF  
SIF Section C - Evidence of Disability Form Iamhghabháil PDF  
Disability Access Route to Education (DARE)
Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)
2022 CAO Posters
2022 Dates and Tips Iamhghabháil PDF  
Applying to CAO 2022 presentation Iamhghabháil PDF Slideshow
Accepting an offer versus not accepting Iamhghabháil PDF  
Important Dates Iamhghabháil PDF  
How offers are issued Iamhghabháil PDF  
CAO Course Choices DOs and DON'Ts Iamhghabháil PDF