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Ceisteanna a chuirtear go minic

Tabhair faoi deara go bhfuil an oifig oscailte ó 09:30 go 13:00, agus 14:00 go 17:00, Luan go hAoine..
D'fhéadfadh an freagra ar do fhiosrúchán a bheith san áireamh sa liosta seo a leanas de cheisteanna atá coitianta..

  1. My points are incorrect.
    Are you counting more than six subjects? Try using the points calculator on the CAO website. With regard to the treatment of Foundation Level Irish and Maths, consult the literature or the Admissions Office(s) of the relevant institution(s).
  2. Why am I ineligible?
    Usually because you have not met the minimum entry requirements e.g. 2 x Higher Level grade 5. Log in to your application and check that all of your details are recorded completely and correctly, including your qualifications and examination details and email us immediately via the Correspondence section of your CAO account with details of any error or omission. Consult the literature or the Admissions Office(s) of the relevant institution(s) for information on entry requirements.
  3. How do I apply for deferral?
    See page 19 of the CAO Handbook . E-mail a request for a deferral to the Admissions Office of the institution, NOT to CAO. Do not accept your offer if you wish to defer.
  4. I am applying on the basis of my 2019 (or earlier) Leaving Certificate and I am worried about the impact of grade inflation.
    We understand that you are concerned about the potential impact of Calculated Grades. However, CAO is a company which was set up by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to handle application to Higher Education centrally - CAO is not a state body and CAO has no authority to make any decisions in relation to this matter. The HEIs determine how qualifications are to be evaluated and HEIs retain control of admissions decisions.
  5. What happens if I sit Leaving Certificate Examinations in November?
    For information about sitting the Leaving Certificate Examination in November, please click here. However, it is important to note that grades from the later examinations will not be available in time for CAO in the 2020/2021 academic year.
  6. I have accepted my offer, what happens next?
    When you accept an offer you will receive an e-mail from CAO. The offering institution will contact you about registration. Any further enquiries should be addressed to the Admissions Office of the offering institution.
  7. I am eligible for DARE and/or HEAR but I have received no offer.
    Not all applicants that are deemed eligible for DARE/HEAR receive offers of places. DARE/HEAR eligibility means you can compete for places on reduced points but the number of places is limited. For further information ask the admissions offices in the HEIs you applied to.
  8. I have forgotten my password/I am locked out of my account.
    If you have forgotten your password, please click the forgotten your password link on the My Application page. You must use the registered e-mail address on your account.

    If your account is locked, you can e-mail CAO and a member of our team will respond to your request as soon as possible (during office hours only). All accounts are automatically unlocked the following morning. If you are locked out of your account outside of office hours, you do not need to email - the reset will take place automatically.
  9. Will I disqualify myself from other offers if I accept / refuse this one?
    No, not at all. See CAO Handbook page 16. Accepting or not accepting an offer will not prevent you from receiving an offer of a course higher up on your course choices if you are deemed eligible (in a later offer round). You should treat your current offer as the only offer you might receive – if you accept it you can always cancel at a later date, and if a subsequent offer is received you can accept the new offer which will automatically cancel the previous acceptance.
  10. I do not want the course I have been offered. Can I get a place in another course which is lower in my order of preference than the one offered, or in a course for which I have not applied at all?
    Only if vacancies are advertised in those course(s) on the CAO website, See CAO Handbook page 17 or visit the ‘Available Places’ page on the CAO website.
  11. How do I appeal a Leaving Certificate grade(s)?
    For all queries about the Leaving Certificate calculated grades process, including appeals and sitting the written examination, please click here.

    The Calculated Grades Executive Office (CGEO) Student Helpline will be available at 1800 111135 or 1800 111136 from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm from Monday, 7th September to Wednesday, 16th September. Outside of these hours queries may be e-mailed to Please note this helpline is provided for queries relating to the Calculated Grades results only and cannot provide advice on any other matters.
  12. What happens if a Leaving Certificate result is regraded on appeal ?
    If you receive an upgrade and your revised result places you higher on the order-of-merit list than the last person who actually got an offer, then the Higher Education Institution will usually instruct CAO to either offer you a place to begin immediately or offer you a place deferred to the next year. The decision is made by the Admissions Office.
  13. Will there be more offers issued?
    For details of subsequent offer rounds please click here.
  14. When are Available Place offers issued?
    Available Places applications open at 12 noon on 14th September. Applications received by 11am on 18th September may be considered for offers in Round Two on 23rd September at 10am. From 28th September to 5th October the Available Places facility operates on a weekly schedule of applications, offers and acceptances. Applications that arrive in CAO before 11am on a Monday will be processed and considered for offers by the end of that week.
  15. My QQI FET, FETAC, NCVA, VCE / other qualification / was not taken into account.
    Please check your CAO account to ensure that your examination information is complete and correct. If you are satisfied that all of your information is recorded correctly, you can then contact the appropriate Admissions Office(s) for more information on the assessment of your application.
  16. I have noticed an error in the information that CAO holds on file for me, what should I do?
    Please e-mail us immediately via the Correspondence section of your CAO account with details of the error/omission. Your account will be updated and considered for the next round of offers (depending on when the information is received by CAO).
  17. Some or all of my A level results are missing.
    If you have received any further A level results you must supply certified copies of these to CAO by post. Documents must be produced by the examination boards (i.e. they must show the exam board logo) and must be certified. A certified photocopy means that you photocopy the documents and then bring both the originals and the photocopies to an acceptable person or body (School, University, Police Station, Admissions Office, Notary) where they will stamp the photocopy as being a true copy of the original.
  18. My GCE/GCSE results are not recorded on my application.
    If any of your results are not recorded on your application you must supply certified copies of these to CAO by post. Documents must be produced by the examination boards (i.e. they must show the exam board logo) and must be certified. A certified photocopy means that you photocopy the documents and then bring both the originals and the photocopies to an acceptable person or body (School, University, Police Station, Admissions Office, Notary) where they will stamp the photocopy as being a true copy of the original.
  19. I do not wish to accept the offer which I have been made.
    Thank you. You need take no further action. Your name will remain on the waiting list for any course(s) higher in your order of preference than the one not required.
  20. What are my chances of a further offer?
    This is impossible to predict. You should consider the current offer as the last one which you will receive.
  21. Do I have to pay a fee when returning my acceptance to CAO ?
    No payment is required when returning the acceptance for a place. Accounts for tuition fees, etc. will be sent separately. All enquiries about such fees should be directed to the Fees Office of the institution offering the place – not to CAO.
  22. Can you give me information about grants?
    CAO does not deal with grants. Refer to, your local authority or VEC, or the Fees Office of the institution making the offer. See also the website
  23. Can you tell me about accommodation and/or course content?
    Contact the Accommodation Office and/or the Admissions Office of the offering institution.
  24. An bhfuair tú m'iarratas CAO ar-líne?
    Is féidir leat d'iarratas ar-líne CAO a dheimhniú ach logáil isteach nó ceangal le háis "M'Iarratas" ar-líne.
  25. I am not receiving e-mails from CAO.
    Seiceáil go bhfuil an seoladh ríomhphoist ar do chuntas CAO ceart agus cruinn. Seiceáil go bhfuil an seoladh ríomhphoist ar do chuntas CAO ceart agus cruinn. Breathnaigh ar na fillteáin "Junk" nó "Spam" i do chuntas ríomhphoist agus marcáil aon ríomhphost a thagann ón CAO mar "not junk" nó "not spam".
  26. Teastaíonn uaim mo shonraí pearsanta a athrú ar-líne.
    Is féidir leat do shonraí pearsanta (seachas d'ainm agus do dháta breithe) a athrú ach ceangal le chuntas i CAO. Má theastaíonn uait d'ainm nó do dháta breithe a athrú, ansin caithfidh tú cead i scríbhinn a lorg ó CAO. Nuair a thugtar cead dhuit é seo a dhéanamh, ansin d'fhéadfadh sé 5 lá oibre a thógáil sula mbíonn na sonraí sin nuashonraithe..
  27. Níl m'Uimhir Ardteistiméireachta roimhe seo agam agus mar sin níl mé in ann í a sholathar ar-líne anois.
    Nuair a fhaigheann tú d'uimhir scrúduithe Ardteistiméireachta roimhe seo, ansin logáil isteach i do chuntas CAO arís agus cliceáil ar Athraigh Cáilíochtaí agus Sonraí Mheasúnachta. Is féidir uimhreacha scrúduithe a sholáthar ag aon am roimh an spriocdháta a bhaineann le d'iarratas. Seachas sin, ba cheart dhuit ríomhphost a sheoladh chuig CAO agus d'uimhir cheart Ardteistiméireachta a sholáthar chomh maith leis an mbliain a ndearna tú an scrúdú sin.
  28. Rinne mé dearmad tic a chur sa bhosca sa roinn do chailíocht agus mheasúnacht i m'iarratas. Cad is féidir liom a dhéanamh anois?
    Más mian leat sonraí Qualifications and Assessment a chur le d'iarratas faoi láthair, bain usáid as an leathanach "Teagmháil" agus scríobh chuig CAO leis na sonraí atá tú ag iarradh chur ar an roinn Qualifications and Assessment.
  29. Nuair a cliceálaim ar "Déan Iarratas" nó "M'Iarratas" faighim "Page not Found." Tá gach rud eile ar an suíomh CAO ag obair dom.
    Níl do bhrabhsar ag glacadh le teastas daingean an CAO. Le do thoil, bain usáid as bhrabhsar eile mar shampla Mozilla Firefox nó Google Chrome.
    Chun seic a dhéanamh ar stádas teastas (brabhsar) do chliant téigh chuig
  30. Níl dóthain spáis sa roinn d'iarratasóirí ar bhonn aibíochta le mo chuid sonraí ar fad a sholáthar. Cad is féidir liom a dhéanamh faoi sin?
    Mura bhfuil dóthain spáis sa roinn d'iarratasóirí ar bhonn aibíochta le do chuid sonraí ar fad a sholáthar, ansin is féidir leat an t-eolas breise a chur ar fáil leis na doiciméid a sheolann tú sa phost.
  31. Nuair a logáilim amach as m'iarratas an gciallaíonn sé sin nach féidir cur leis an eolas a seoladh chuig an CAO nó é a leasú ar aon bhealach ag aon am sa todhchaí.
    Nuair a logáileann tú amach as do chuntas déantar an t-eolas ar fad a sholáthar tú a shábhailt ar chóras an CAO. Is féidir leat logáil isteach i do chuntas ag aon am roimh na spriocdhátaí agus athruithe/rudaí sa bhreis a sholáthar.
  32. Bhí mé ag soláthar eolais ar an leathanach do Chailíochtaí agus Mheasúnacht agus tharla tuairt ríomhaireachta agus chailleas m'eolas ar fad dá barr.
    Tá srian ama ar an leathanach seo agus d'fhéadfadh sé a bheith difriúil ó bhrabhsálaí amháin go dtí ceann eile. Ba cheart dhuit an t-eolas atá á sholáthar agat a shábhailt go rialta agus thú ag cur isteach eolais sa roinn seo. Is féidir leat filleadh ar an roinn seo arís agus eolas a athrú nó cur leis suas go dtí an spriocdháta a bhaineann le d'iarratas.
  33. Líon mé isteach an Roinn do Chailíochtaí agus do Mheasúnachta, ach ní raibh mé críochnaithe le soláthar na sonraí ar fad. Anois, ní thabharfaidh se cead dhom mo chuid cailíochtaí nó mo chuid sonraí measúnachta a nuashonrú; tá an córas ag iarraidh orm mo rogha cúrsaí a sholathar. Céard is féidir liom a dhéanamh?
    Caithfidh tú do rogha cúrsaí a sholáthar ar dtús. Nuair atá do rogha cúrsaí curtha ar fáil agat, ansin beidh tú in ann an Roinn a bhaineann le Cáilíochtaí agus Measúnú a leasú gan aon stró.
  34. Sheolas iarratas chuig CAO i mbliain dhifriúil, an féidir liom an t-sean uimhir thagartha a úsáid?
    Ní féidir, nuair a sheolann tú iarratas eile isteach, ansin tabharfar uimhir thagartha NUA dhuit.
  35. Nuair a logálaim isteach i mo chuntas le CAO, ní ligeann sé dhom mo rogha cúrsaí a sholathar agus leanann an córas ag iarraidh orm mo chuid sonraí maidir le Cailíochtaí agus Measúnachta a sholathar
    Caithfidh tú an leathanach do Cháilíochtaí agus do Mheasúnú a chomhlíonadh ar dtús sula gcuireann tú do rogha cúrsaí ar fáil.
  36. Ní ligeann mo chuntas dom cúrsaí a athrú nó cur le mo roghanna
    Is gá roghanna cúrsaí nó cur le do roghanna a dhéanamh ag amanna ar leith. Cliceáil anseo le treoracha a fháil maidir le dataí a bhaineann le hAthruithe Intinne.
  37. An gá dom pasfhocal a bheith agam do mo chuntas?
    Tá gá le pasfhocal don chuntas atá agat le go mbeadh d'iarratas slán.
  38. An gá dom seoladh ríomhphoist a bheith agam?
    Tá gá le seoladh ríomhphoist. Seolfar admhálacha ríomhphoist. Is feidir leat do sheoladh ríomhphoist a athrú ar d'iarratas ag aon am a fheileann thú. Is feidir leis an iarratasóir é seo a dhéanamh
  39. Tá mo uimhir scrúdaithe seolta agam chuig CAO trí ríomhphost ach níl mo chuntas ar líne nuashonraithe.
    Ní dhéantar cuntais ar líne an CAO a nuashonrú láithreach i gcás leasuithe ar uimhreacha scrúduithe a sheoltar isteach le ríomhphost nó sa ghnáth phost. Ba cheart dhuit do chuntas a sheiceáil níos deireanaí lena chinntiú go bhfuil an leasú déanta.
  40. Táim ag chur isteach ar chúrsa le rogha ábhair, conas a chuirim isteach mo rogha ábhair? Cúrsaí le rogha ábhair CW018 / CW037 / CW108 / CW178 / CW438 / CW858 / CW908 / CW917 / DN200 / DN250 / DN520 / DN530 / DN541 / DN600 / DN660 / DN700 / LM050 / LY207 / LY218 / MH212 / MH401 / MH404 / MH502 / MH601 / MH602 / MH803 / TR114 / TR177 / TR208 / TR239 / TR277 / TR323 / TR324 / TR326 / TR447 / TR455 / TR563 / TR597 / TR636 / TR639 / TR666 / TR667 / TR668 / TR669 / TR670 / TR671 / TR672 / TR756 / WD001 / WD002 / WD005 / WD006 / WD007 / WD048 / WD200
    Más mian leat iarratas a dhéanamh ar na chúrsaí seo be chóir duit an cód cuí a chur isteach. Ansin beidh tú in ann do chúrsaí a chur isteach níos déanaí leis an áis "Roghanna Ábhair" atá le fáil i Rannán Leibhéal 8.
  41. Rinne mé scrúduithe GCE/GCSE cheana fhéin, cén áit a gcuirfidh mé mo chuid torthaí isteach?
    Is gá dhuit fótachóipeanna A4 deimhnithe (deimhnithe le stampa na scoile) de na teastais cuí d'aon scrúdú GCE/GCSE atá críochnaithe agat, agus a bhfuil teastas ar fáil dóibh a sheoladh sa phost chuig CAO. Breathnófar orthu seo agus critéir cháilitheachta á gcur i bhfeidhm le hiontráil ar chúrsaí sa chóras. Ní ghlacfar le torthaí atá priontáilte ar pháipéar oifigiúil na scoile. Ní ghlacfar ach an oiread le torthaí scrúduithe a thagann isteach ar an facs nó le ríomhphost.
  42. Tá iarratas seolta agam chuig UCAS freisin. Cá bhfuil an cnaipe le haghaidh iarratas a sheoladh isteach le fáil ar fhoirm iarratais an CAO?
    Tá córas an CAO éagsúil ar UCAS sa mhéid agus nach gá duit gach rud a chur ar fáil i d'iarratas ag an tús. Déanfaidh an coláiste d'iarratas a mheas bunaithe ar an eolas ar fad atá ar fáil agus an obair mheasúnachta á déanamh.
  43. Conas d'iarratas a chealú
    In order to cancel a CAO application you must download a Cancellation form. Ensure you have read and understand the form fully before sending your request to CAO.
  44. Conas a bheidh fhois agam go bhfuair CAO mo chuid doiciméid?
    Más mian leat deimhniú a fháil ón CAO go bhfuarthas do chuid doiciméad, ní mór duit cárta poist atá stampáilte agus ar a bhfuil do sheoladh féin a chur san áireamh. Sheolfaidh CAO an cárta poist seo nuair a sroicheann na doiciméid ag CAO. Le do thoil, tabhair faoi deara is ort féin, an t-iarratasóir, atá an cúram a chinntiú go bhfuil do chuid doiciméid seolta go hiomlán agus i gceart, ní seiceálann CAO é seo. Scanfaidh CAO na doiciméid agus beidh deis agat féachaint orthu ar líne trí 'M'Iarratas' ar suíomh greasán CAO (i rith na chéad dhá seachtain in Aibréan, má faightear na doiciméad roimh lár Márta agus na céad dhá seachtain in Iúil, má dhearna tú iarratas déanach).
  45. Cathain a bheidh mé in ann mo dhociméad a fheicáil ar líne?
    Má sheol tú doiciméid tacaíochta chuig CAO beidh tú in ann féachaint orthu ar líne trí 'M'Iarratas' ar suíomh greasán CAO i rith na chéad dhá seachtain in Aibréan (má dhearna tú d'iarratas roimh 1ú Feabhra agus má faightear na doiciméad roimh lár Márta) agus na céad dhá seachtain in Iúil (má dhearna tú iarratas déanach).
  46. Rinne mé an Ardteist roimh 2017, cén difríocht a bheidh ann de bharr an scála nua agus na hathruithe don Córas Scórála Pointí?
    Le tuilleadh eolais ar an gCóras Scórála Pointí agus iarratasóirí Ardteistiméireachta roimh 2017, déan clic anseo.
    Le freagraí maidir le ceisteanna coitianta faoin scála nua agus an Córas Scórála Pointí teigh chuig roinn FAQ ar