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CAO Handbook
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If you wish to seek exemption from minimum entry requirements (e.g. exemptions from Irish or modern language requirements) then you should contact the Admissions Offices of the HEIs for further details (in the case of NUI institutions, see for details). Applicants must make arrangements for exemptions each year they apply. For more information go to the Student Resources section of


When you apply online, instructions about the submission of any additional documentation (if required) will appear on screen. Such documents must arrive in CAO within 10 days of the submission of the online application. DARE and/or HEAR applicants should refer to pages 9, 10 and 11 of this handbook for instructions on the submission of supporting documents to CAO by 1st April at 5:15pm.

When sending supporting documents to CAO please write your CAO application number on the front of each page and obtain a certificate of posting from the post office. CAO will not check that the documents supplied meet with the requirements of the institutions.

If you wish to receive confirmation from CAO that your documents have been received you must include a self-addressed and stamped postcard (you will not require a stamp for the postcard if you live outside of the Republic of Ireland). All documents should be sent to: CAO, Tower House, Eglinton Street, Galway, Ireland. Do not fax or email exam documents to CAO - faxed or scanned documents are not considered sufficient evidence.

In respect of examinations already completed, you must supply to CAO certificates for all qualifications which you mention on your application form:

  • Certificates/transcripts should be supplied in their original language and should show dates, subjects and results.

  • They should NOT be originals (except for Graduate Medicine where original transcripts of results for all years are required); they should be A4 photocopies, certified typically by a school stamp, a HEI Admissions Office stamp, or by a notary. (CAO will not return original documents.)

  • A certified English translation is required in the case of qualifications not issued originally in English or Irish, in addition to the certified A4 photocopies of the documents themselves.

  • If your documentation is in a different name from the name used on your application, then a certified copy of your official name change document must also be provided.

  • If English is not your first language you must provide evidence of English language competence and details of the English Language Qualification(s) that you hold - contact the HEIs directly for requirements.

  • CAO will not check that these documents meet the requirements of any HEI.

Summer 2018 Examination Results

If you have provided CAO with your correct examination details (or PPS number for QQI FET applicants), CAO automatically receives the following examination results: Leaving Certificate, QQI FET, CCEA (Northern Ireland) GCE, British GCE. For all other examining bodies you must supply certified photocopies of results of summer 2018 examinations to CAO, as soon as they become available. To be considered in the competition for places in Round One, these results must arrive in CAO at least 10 days before the issue of Round One offers, otherwise they will be considered for subsequent rounds.


Step 5 – Indicate if you wish to be considered for Maintenance Fee/Grant (SUSI)

If you wish to apply for a grant you may indicate this on your CAO online application. CAO will then provide your identification, contact and offer/acceptance details to the grant authority (SUSI). Ticking this section of the CAO form does not mean that you have applied to SUSI so please make sure to visit or to complete the necessary steps. Other than providing these details to the grant authority, CAO plays no role in processing grant applications.