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2022 CAO Application (September/October 2022 entry)

Before Applying:
  1. If you previously started your 2022 CAO application and have received a 2022 application number, proceed instead to the "My Application" facility where you may view/edit your application.
  2. Read the 2022 CAO Handbook
  3. Read the Course Changes to view important changes to courses.
You may wish to use the interactive demo facility.


  • In any one year, you may NOT present more than one application. If you think you may have already submitted an online application or you have already received a 2022 CAO application number, please proceed instead to the "My Application" facility. There will be no refunds given to applicants who make more than one application.
  • The fee for an online application is currently €45.
    There is an online discounted fee of €30 if you apply before 20th January (17:00).
    For further information on fees and closing dates, please view the fees table.
  • Applicants making an on-line application may pay the application fee using a Credit or Debit Card (Visa or MasterCard). Alternatively, applicants may pay the application fee in advance at a bank within the Republic of Ireland using an Application Fee Payment Form. If you have not received an Application Fee Payment Form, it may be obtained by contacting CAO.
  • Applicants must not make more than one application (either on-line or paper). An extra €10 penalty charge will be levied if an applicant submits more than one application (either on-line or paper).
  • Mature applicants (those 23 years of age on or before the 1st of January 2022) and applicants who have qualifications other than the 1985-2022 Irish Leaving Cert and/or 2002-2022 QQI FET/FETAC Level 5/6 must complete the relevant sections of the application form and post supporting documents to the CAO without delay. Please read here for further instructions.
    N.B. All documents must be clearly marked with your name and CAO Application Number.
  • Residence outside the EU (Past or Present): If you have at any time resided, or are at present resident, outside the EU, then you may be required to apply direct to some HEIs. It is important that such applicants read the appropriate section of the 2022 CAO Handbook.
Click on 'Proceed with Application' below to start your application.