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CAO Handbook
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CAO will communicate with applicants via post and email, and in some instances telephone and SMS text message, at various intervals throughout the application process. All CAO correspondence must be read carefully and any errors or omissions notified to CAO immediately via the Contact form on our website

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all relevant correspondence is received and dealt with appropriately. If an applicant is going to be absent at any stage between February and October, they should arrange for someone to deal quickly with their correspondence. Failure to respond may have very serious consequences, for example, you may not receive an offer. Please make sure to check the email account provided at the application stage and carefully read the Statement of Application Record issued to all applicants in May.

At the offer stage, applicants will receive an offer notification if they are deemed eligible for an offer, or a Statement of Application email if they have not been deemed eligible for an offer in Round One.

Some HEIs will also contact applicants directly by post, email or SMS text message. You should periodically check your spam, bulk, promotional or junk mail folders, etc. If you find emails from CAO or HEIs are being directed to these folders you should consider adding these email addresses to your contacts or email address book.


Before the end of May, you will be sent a Statement of Application Record as a final acknowledgement and to enable you to verify that all information has been recorded completely and correctly. You should check the following:

  1. Are all of your course choices shown and in the correct order?

  2. Are all of the course codes correct?

  3. Are the examination numbers correct?

  4. Are all examinations and exemptions mentioned?

  5. Are all personal details correct?

If you have not received the Statement by 1 June you must contact CAO immediately. Failure to do so may have very serious consequences, for example, you might not receive an offer.

The Statement of Application Record contains a date stamp to inform you of when the document was printed by CAO. Changes that you make to your application after this date will be reflected in your online CAO account. Please log in to your CAO account via the My Application facility to check that all of your updated information is recorded completely and correctly before the Change of Mind closing date of 1 July at 5:15pm.


You can make changes to your course choices up to 1 February at 5:15pm for no extra charge. In early February, a Change of Course Choices facility becomes available online for a fee of €10. This facility can be used by registered applicants to add any restricted courses not already listed on an application, or by mature applicants who need to add or make changes to their course choices, up to 1 March 2020 at 5:15pm.

The CAO online Change of Mind facility opens in early May and closes on 1 July at 5:15pm – restrictions apply (see page 3). You can use the online facility as many times as you like to add, remove or re-order your courses for no extra charge until the 1 July at 5:15pm.

To change course choices, log in to your CAO Account via the My Application facility and click on Change Level 8 Course Choices or Change Level 7/6 Course Choices. You can then use the New Courses list to enter new courses, disregard existing course choices, or re-order your existing course selection. You must list all of your courses in your order of preference on the new list. If you change courses online, an acknowledgement will be sent to your