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CAO Handbook
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email address - please check this email carefully and inform CAO of any errors or omissions. You should also check that your courses have been updated by using the My Application facility before 5:15pm on 1 July.

Please Note: You cannot introduce restricted courses using the Change of Mind facility. Exception: In the case of a restricted course which shares the exact same assessment procedures with a course you had applied for by 1 February 2020 at 5:15pm, you may be permitted to introduce it on a Change of Mind. You should consult with the relevant HEI before introducing such a course.

If you make a Change of Mind it cancels and supersedes all previous course choices in any category in which changes are made.


You may change some of your personal information (e.g. postal address, telephone number and email address) either online using the My Application facility or on paper. To change your name, date of birth or to add examination information to your application, you must write to CAO. If you change personal information online, an acknowledgement will be sent to your email address. Please check that your change has been updated by using the My Application facility. Personal or examination changes submitted in paper form will be acknowledged in the form of a Statement of Application Record. If you have not received your amended Statement of Application Record by 7 of July, or within seven days of posting the amendment to CAO after 7 of July, you must contact CAO immediately.


If you have applied for any restricted courses and/or you are a mature applicant and you change your contact details, please contact the institutions you have applied to in order to ensure that they have your most recent details on file.