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CAO Handbook
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  1. GCE/GCSE (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland Exams 1996 - 2021) If you are applying on the basis of GCE/GCSE exams to be taken this year, you must provide the Exam Board, Centre Number, Candidate Number, Subject(s) and Level in the spaces provided. For any GCE/GCSE examinations which you have already completed, and for which a certificate has been issued, you must post certified A4 photocopies (certified by a school stamp) of the appropriate certificates to CAO - these will form part of your eligibility for consideration for entry to courses. Please include your CAO application number on the front of these certificates. If you are presenting previous years’ GCE/GCSE examinations, you must tick the box provided on the application form.

    Please Note: Certificates or statements of results must be issued by the exam boards (containing the exam board logo). Documents produced by schools will not be sufficient.

    Boards other than CIE, CCEA, UCLES, WJEC, OCR, EDEXCEL, AQA, and AEB must be entered under "Other School Leaving Exams".

    For more information on qualifications and assessments for GCE applicants visit the Applicant Scoring page in the Student Resources section of

  2. Other school leaving exams (e.g. Baccalaureate, Scottish Exams, pre-1985 Irish & pre-1996 UK Exams, Leaving Exams outside of UK & Ireland, Leaving Cert Applied, Level 3 BTEC, GNVQs, VCEs, Irish Matric Exams, Pre-U, EPQ, etc.) Please provide details of other school leaving exams and the years they were completed. Describe the examinations briefly, including details of the National or European framework level where relevant. Submit certified A4 photocopies of any certificates, with translations if the certificate is not in English or Irish. If you are sitting your examinations in 2021 please submit certified photocopies of your results to CAO as soon as they become available.

  3. Further Education (other than QQI FET/fetac leveL 5/6 and ncva Level 2/3) Please provide information about any other Further Education courses that you have undertaken that do not fall into one of the other sections on this application form, for example, City & Guild awards, SOLAS, FÁS awards, BTEC level 4 or higher etc. Mention any Post-Leaving Certificate courses (Republic of Ireland) and describe briefly on additional pages any special experience and/or qualification stipulated in HEI literature as being relevant for the admission process. You can send certified A4 photocopies of certificates to support your application. If relevant, state on additional pages the dates, locations, subjects and (if known) results. Mention any other relevant Further Education/Training qualifications.

  4. Third-Level Higher Education This information is required regardless of whether you passed or failed or did not take examinations. Failure to disclose the appropriate information may result in the cancellation of your application. Checks are made to ensure that this information has not been omitted.

    1. If you have completed a course you should include an academic transcript or a certified photocopy of an academic transcript with your postal documents.

    2. If you have withdrawn from a course before completing it you should enclose a certificate of attendance (with your postal documents) showing the relevant dates of entry and withdrawal.

    3. If you are still attending an institution of higher education give full details stating institution(s) attended, course(s) taken, dates of attendance, current status and results obtained. Attach these details to your postal documents. You do not need to supply the documentation mentioned in points 1 and 2 above.