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Garda Vetting

A number of programmes offered by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), especially in the areas of medicine, health, social work and education, require students to undertake placements that will bring them into contact with children or vulnerable adults and in which they will assume positions of trust. To ensure the protection of the public, and justify public trust and confidence, the HEIs are committed to ensuring that only suitable candidates are allowed to undertake these programmes.

The HEIs use the Garda Central Vetting Unit (GCVU) vetting service to assess the suitability of such applicants, and in some cases, may also require applicants to provide an enhanced disclosure by the completion of an affidavit. Therefore, offers on the following programmes are conditional and could subsequently be withdrawn if applicants do not meet the Garda Vetting requirements of the HEI.

This is not an exhaustive list. It is compiled from the information provided to CAO to date by the HEIs. Contact the appropriate HEI for further information.

Courses requiring Garda Clearance for 2021 entry: **
AD202Education and Design or Fine Art (Second Level Teaching,portfolio))
AL630Pharmacy Technician
AL631Dental Nursing
AL663Business (Sport and Recreation)
AL740Exercise and Health Science
AL764Early Years Care and Education
AL765Applied Social Studies in Social Care
AL830General Nursing
AL832Mental Health Nursing
AL836Nutrition and Health Science
AL837Sports Science with Exercise Physiology
AL841Athletic and Rehabilitation Therapy
AL843Physical Activity and Health Science
AL860Social Care Practice
AL864Early Years Care and Education
AS001Education, Home Economics and Biology - with concurrent Teacher Ed
AS002Education, Home Economics and Religious Ed - with concurrent Teacher Ed
AS003Education, Home Economics and Irish - with concurrent Teacher Ed
AS110General Nursing
AS130Intellectual Disability Nursing
CI110Counselling and Psychotherapy
CI111Counselling and Psychotherapy with Addiction Studies
CI112Counselling and Psychotherapy with Youth Studies
CK104Arts with Music - 3 or 4 years (BMus or Chinese/European/Int`l Pathway)
CK111Early Years and Childhood Studies
CK114Social Science (Youth and Community Work)
CK115Social Work - Mature Applicants only
CK124Education - Gaeilge
CK125Sports Studies and Physical Education
CK701Medicine (Undergraduate Entry - HPAT required)
CK704Occupational Therapy
CK705Speech and Language Therapy
CK706Public Health Sciences
CK710General Nursing
CK712Children`s and General Nursing (Integrated)
CK720Mental Health Nursing
CK730Intellectual Disability Nursing
CK791Medicine - Graduate Entry (GAMSAT required)
CM001Education - Primary Teaching
CM002Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicants
CM003Oideachas - Bunmhúinteoireacht Trí Mheán na Gaeilge
CM004Oideachas - Bunmhúinteoireacht Trí Mheán na Gaeilge (daltaí Gaeltachta)
CM010Education Studies
CM020Early Childhood Education
CR031Social Care Work
CR430Sport and Exercise Management
CR435Coaching Science and Sports Pedagogy
CR440Montessori Education
CR620Early Childhood Education and Care
CR930Home Economics and Business
CW028Early Childhood Education and Care
CW068Applied Social Studies in Professional Social Care
CW106Physiology and Health Science
CW116Pharmacy Technician Studies
CW138Sport and Exercise Science
CW148Strength and Conditioning
CW188Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy
CW717Professional Social Care Practice
CW748Early Childhood Education and Care
CW758Professional Social Care Practice
CW807Sport Coaching and Business Management - GAA (portfolio)
CW817Sport Coaching and Business Management - Rugby (portfolio)
CW827Sport Coaching and Business Management - Soccer (portfolio)
CW858Sports Management and Coaching (options, portfolio)
DB527Applied Social Care
DB528Applied Social Care
DC001Education - Early Childhood Education
DC002Education - Primary Teaching
DC003Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicants
DC004Education - Primary Teaching (Church of Ireland Centre formerly CICE)
DC010Post Primary Teacher Education - Religious Education and English
DC011Post Primary Teacher Education - Religious Education and History
DC012Post Primary Teacher Education - Religious Education and Music
DC013Post Primary Teacher Ed - Gaeilge with French/German/Spanish
DC202Sport Science and Health
DC203Science Education
DC204Athletic Therapy and Training
DC205Physical Education with Biology
DC206Physical Education with Mathematics
DC209Health and Society
DC215General Nursing
DC216Mental Health Nursing
DC217Intellectual Disability Nursing
DC218Children`s and General Nursing (Integrated)
DC235Education and Training - Daytime and Flexible Delivery Mode (full-time)
DK763Sport, Exercise and Enterprise
DK767Community Youth Work (interview)
DK862Social Care
DK870General Nursing
DK872Intellectual Disability Nursing
DK874Mental Health Nursing
DK876Early Childhood Studies
DK880Health and Physical Activity
DN262Human Nutrition
DN400Medicine - Undergraduate Entry (HPAT required)
DN401Medicine - Graduate Entry (GAMSAT required)
DN411Radiography - Graduate Entry
DN430Sport and Exercise Management
DN450General Nursing
DN451Children`s and General Nursing (Integrated)
DN453Mental Health Nursing
GA285Education (Art, Design and Graphics)
GA773Physics and Instrumentation
GA783Physics and Instrumentation
GA785Medical Science
GA790Sport and Exercise Science
GA791Public Health Nutrition
GA864Early Childhood Education and Care
GA870Outdoor Education and Leisure
GA871Early Childhood Education and Care
GA876Community Development and Youth Work (Level 7)
GA879Applied Social Care
GA880General Nursing
GA882Psychiatric Nursing
GA885Outdoor Education
GA889Applied Social Care
GA890Early Childhood Education and Care
GA892Community Development and Youth Work (Level 8)
GA980Education (Design Graphics and Construction)
GY109Arts (Mathematics and Education)
GY110Arts (Children and Youth Studies - options)
GY113Arts with Human Rights
GY303Biomedical Science
GY501Medicine (five year/six year course, HPAT required)
GY502Occupational Therapy
GY503Speech and Language Therapy
GY504Podiatric Medicine
GY515General Nursing (Galway and Portiuncula)
GY516Mental Health Nursing
LC115Art and Design Teacher Education (LIT and UL, portfolio)
LC228Sports Development and Coaching
LC290Sports Development Performance
LC292Social Care Work
LC293Business Studies with Travel and Tourism Management
LC294Business Studies with Event Management
LC295Business Studies with Sports Management
LC297Community and Addiction Studies
LC393Early Childhood Education and Care
LC397Business Studies with Sports
LC402Social Care Work
LC422Applied Strength and Conditioning
LC423Applied Strength and Conditioning
LC602Social Care Work
LC612Social Care Work
LM026Performing Arts (audition format TBC)
LM089Sport and Exercise Sciences
LM090Physical Education with concurrent Teacher Education
LM091Languages with concurrent Teacher Education
LM092Science with Teacher Ed (Biology with Physics/Chemistry/Ag Science)
LM094Materials and Architectural Technology with concurrent Teacher Education
LM095Materials and Engineering Technology with concurrent Teacher Education
LM096Science with Teacher Ed (Physical Sciences with Chemistry and Physics)
LM097Mathematics and Computer Science with concurrent Teacher Education
LM101Medicine - Graduate Entry (GAMSAT required)
LM103Paramedic Studies (Full B/Provisional C1 Drivers Licence)
LM150General Nursing
LM152Mental Health Nursing
LM154Intellectual Disability Nursing
LY206Sports Studies
LY228Sports and Exercise - Common Entry
LY806Pharmacy Technician
LY816Dental Nursing
LY826Health Science with Physiotherapy Studies
LY836Health Science with Occupational Therapy Studies
LY846Health Science with Dietetics Studies
LY906Early Childhood Care, Health and Education
LY908General Nursing
LY916Health and Social Care
LY918Psychiatric Nursing
LY928Intellectual Disability Nursing
LY968Early Childhood Care, Health and Education
LY978Health and Social Care - Common Entry
MH001Education - Primary Teaching (Froebel)
MH002Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicants (Froebel)
MH003Early Childhood - Teaching and Learning (full-time)
MH116Community and Youth Work (Full-Time)
MH212Science|Maths and Computer Science|Mathematics (with Education)
MH801Early Childhood - Teaching and Learning (part-time)
MH802Community and Youth Work (part-time, in service)
MI001Contemporary and Applied Theatre Studies
MI004Education - Primary Teaching - International
MI005Education - Primary Teaching
MI006Education - Primary Teaching - Gaeltacht Applicants
MI007Early Childhood Care and Education
MI008Education and Psychology - Primary Teaching
MI009Education, Business Studies and Accounting
MI010Education, Business Studies and Religious Studies
MI011Education, Gaeilge and Religious Studies
MI012Education, Gaeilge and Business Studies
MI013Education, Mathematics and Gaeilge
MI014Education, Mathematics and Business Studies
NC030Early Childhood Education and Care
NM701Montessori Education
NM801Montessori Education
PC404Applied Social Studies - Professional Social Care
PC405Social, Political and Community Studies
RC001Medicine - Undergraduate Entry (HPAT required)
RC101Medicine - Graduate Entry (GAMSAT required)
SG134Applied Sport with Business
SG135Business in Tourism with Event Management
SG147Sport with Business
SG148Tourism with Event Management
SG235Performing Arts (Theatre Design)
SG236Performing Arts (Acting)
SG241Performing Arts
SG242Early Childhood Care and Education
SG243Social Care Practice
SG247English and Psychology
SG248Sociology and Politics
SG249Writing and Literature
SG435Health Science and Physiology
SG447Health Science and Physical Activity
TL652Science - Pharmacy Technician
TL771Health and Leisure (Degree Award Options)
TL772Health and Leisure with Massage
TL773Coaching and Sports Performance
TL774Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity
TL780Early Childhood Care and Education
TL781Social Care
TL851Wildlife Biology (Degree Award options)
TL855Pharmaceutical Science (Degree Award options)
TL871Health and Leisure (Degree Award options)
TL872Health and Leisure with Massage
TL873Coaching and Sports Performance
TL874Inclusive Sport and Physical Activity
TL880Early Childhood Care and Education
TL881Social Care
TL889Counselling with Addiction - Mature applicants only
TL890General Nursing and Mature Applicants
TL891Mental Health Nursing and Mature Applicants
TR007Clinical Speech and Language Studies
TR009Music Education
TR016Deaf Studies
TR051Medicine (HPAT required)
TR052Dental Science
TR054Occupational Therapy
TR055Radiation Therapy
TR084Social Studies (Social Work)
TR091General Nursing (Meath and St James`s)
TR093General Nursing (Adelaide School of Nursing)
TR095Mental Health Nursing
TR097Intellectual Disability Nursing
TR801Dental Nursing
TR802Dental Hygiene
TR911Children`s and General Nursing (Integrated)
TU735Sports Management and Coaching
TU736Sports Science and Health
TU737Sports Studies
TU791Applied Social Studies in Social Care
TU792Community and Youth Development
TU867Biomedical Science
TU868Clinical Measurement Science
TU869Environmental Health
TU870Human Nutrition and Dietetics
TU872Public Health Nutrition
TU935Sports Management and Coaching
TU936Sports Science and Health
TU991Applied Social Studies in Social Care
TU992Community Development and Youth Work
TU995Early Childhood Education
TU996Social Care
TU997Applied Social Care
WD005Health Sciences (options)
WD006Exercise Sciences (options)
WD018Applied Social Care
WD019Recreation and Sport Management
WD116General Nursing
WD117Psychiatric Nursing
WD120Intellectual Disability Nursing
WD186Sports Coaching and Performance
WD188Applied Health Care
WD192Social Care Practice
WD212Recreation and Sport Management
WD231Early Childhood Care and Education

** This is not an exhaustive list. It is compiled from the information provided to CAO to date by the HEIs. Contact the appropriate HEI for further information.