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CAO Applicant News

This page contains up-to-date news items for CAO Applicants. Always remember to read the CAO Handbook and any important correspondence sent to you by CAO throughout the application process.

Round A Offers will be available at from 6am on 5 July  
Round A offers mainly concern mature applicants, mature nursing/midwifery applicants, and deferred applicants, but offers are also issued to some applicants who have completed an access course, or those who may be required to make visa arrangements. The ‘Reply Date’ by which Round A offers must be accepted is Wednesday, 10 July at 5:15 pm.

CAO Change of Mind facility opens Monday, 6 May at noon  
The Change of Mind facility allows registered applicants to add, remove or edit their course choices - as many times as they like - until 1st July at 5:15pm. [more...]

CAO Late Application facility closes on 1st May at 5:15pm  
The CAO Late Application facility will close on Wednesday, 1st May at 5:15pm
You will have an opportunity to add course choices (free-of-charge) using the ‘Change of Mind’ facility from 6th May until 1st July at 5:15pm. [more...]

Offer and Acceptances Schedule Now Available  
The 2019 Offer and Acceptances Schedule is now available to view here. [more...]

Normal closing date for CAO applications is Friday, 1st February at 5:15pm  
To make a CAO application go to and click on Apply before the 1st February at 5:15pm. [more...]

Take note of restrictions if you are applying to CAO  
Applicants applying to CAO are advised to take note of the restrictions in advance of the main CAO deadline of 1st February at 5:15pm. [more...]

Advice for applicants sending supporting documents to CAO  
If you are required to send supporting documents to CAO as part of your application, here are some tips to help you understand what is required: [more...]

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