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CAO Handbook
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You should obtain a certificate of posting and include your CAO application number on the front of all correspondence. If you wish to receive confirmation from CAO that your documents have been received you must include a self-addressed and stamped postcard.

You are not obliged to disclose a disability and/or specific learning difficulty unless you are applying for an alternative admissions scheme (e.g. DARE or another scheme offered by HEIs operating admission schemes for school-leavers with disabilities). If you do not wish to disclose your disability and/or specific learning difficulty on the application form, you may do so at any time on entering a HEI and reasonable accommodation will be made at that stage if possible. Please note that disclosure of a disability and/or specific learning difficulty will not adversely affect your application in any way.

Carrying forward DARE eligibility

If you were deemed eligible for DARE in 2017 it carries forward for one year provided that you apply to CAO by the 1st February 2018 at 5:15pm and indicate that you wish to apply to DARE by 5:15pm on 1st March 2018; disclose your disability by 5:15pm on 1st March 2018 in your CAO application; and fully and correctly complete Section A of the Supplementary Information Form. Indicate that you wish to be considered for the DARE scheme by indicating this on Section A of the fully completed SIF by ticking 'Yes' to Question 1 by 5:15pm on 1st March 2018. You must enter your correct CAO 2017 application number at Question 1(b) of the SIF. You are still required to complete all relevant sections of the 2018 SIF form, however you do not need to supply supporting documents as part of your application.


For some courses you may need to sit additional assessments, provide supplementary information (e.g. a portfolio or a statement), or attend for an interview. Some of these courses will be marked as “(Restricted – see page 3)” in the CAO Handbook, but you should consult the websites and prospectuses of the HEIs for more information.


You are advised to apply online, before 1st February at 5:15pm, if you need to apply for the 2018 GAMSAT, HPAT and/or MSAP tests. Current year results will be obtained directly from ACER, provided you have applied on time for consideration for entry to the relevant courses. Check your email inbox regularly as CAO communicates via email with such applicants. If you have previous valid GAMSAT and/or MSAP tests, you must supply to CAO copies of these results with your application, or within 10 days of applying online. Consult the appropriate HEI literature regarding their validity.

Graduate Medicine

Qualified applicants are ranked solely on the basis of GAMSAT results. To qualify, applicants must obtain a second class honours grade one (2H1) in their first Level 8 Honours Degree. For more information, go to the Student Resources section of and click on the Entry to Medicine tab.

Mature Nursing/Midwifery

Mature applicants for nursing/midwifery are ranked based on their score in the assessment process. The Public Appointments Service (PAS) carries out the assessment test for mature nursing applicants on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Board (NMBI). To sit the test you are advised to apply online to CAO, before 1st February at 5:15pm, and you must complete the following two steps:

  1. Register with by creating a profile (if you have not already done so). Do not confuse registering (creating a profile) with submitting an application form. Remember to note down your login and password details as you will require these during the assessment process to access your messages.

  2. Complete and submit the online application form between 2nd February 2018 and 22nd February 2018. If you have not received a confirmation email from the PAS within two days of submitting your application you should contact them at or phone 01-8587730.

For full details on the assessment test process, go to or email - see also the instructions on page 21.