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CAO Handbook
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There are three main rounds of offers: Round A, Round Zero and Round One. After the reply date for Round One offers has passed, CAO then issues Round Two offers for remaining places. Subsequent offers are issued by CAO, as necessary, to fill any vacancies that may arise.


Table 1.8 The Offer Rounds


Category of Applicant

Round A

(early July)

Deferred applicants; mature applicants; mature nursing/midwifery applicants; some graduate entry pathways; applicants who may be required to make visa arrangements; applicants who have completed an Access course.

Round Zero

(early August)

Graduate entry medicine applicants; additional mature, deferred and Access applicants; and applicants presenting QQI FET/FETAC for consideration for entry to courses with a quota for QQI FET/FETAC applicants.

Round One


All applicants applying on the basis of school leaving examination results, regardless of year completed; QQI FET applicants who have applied for a course where there is no quota for QQI FET applicants; and additional mature applicants.

Round Two and subsequent offers

(late-August to end-September)

Offers are issued until the offer season closes, or until all of the places have been filled, whichever comes first.

Applicants being assessed on the basis of qualifications other than school leaving qualifications or QQI FET/FETAC Level 5/6 (2002 – 2021), may receive an offer in Round A or Round Zero. If they are unsuccessful in receiving an offer in Round A, Round Zero or Round One, they will receive a Statement of Application email from CAO in conjunction with the distribution of Round One offers in August.

Applicants applying on the basis of school leaving examination results, regardless of the year completed, may receive an offer in Round One if they are deemed eligible. If they are not deemed eligible for an offer they will receive a Statement of Application email which they must check carefully and inform CAO immediately if there are any errors or omissions.


If you receive an offer and you choose to accept this offer, you must do so online. If you choose to accept your offer you must do so by the reply date indicated on the Offer Notice. If you receive an offer from both lists you must choose between them - you can only accept one offer, in any one round, from either the Level 8 or the Level 7/6 list.

Accepting a lower preference course in an earlier Offer Round will not prevent you from receiving an offer in a subsequent round of a course higher up on your course choices list if you are deemed eligible. Should a place become available in a later round, and if you are entitled to this place, you may receive an offer which you can choose to accept or ignore. Accepting the new offer will automatically cancel the previous acceptance.

If you accept your offer online you will receive an acknowledgement email, and you can check that your acceptance has been recorded online at via the My Application facility.