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2024 HEI Alert Lists

This section of the web site provides Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with space to submit Alert Lists. An Alert List is used to provide applicants and Guidance Counsellors with updates of new courses offered, changes to course entry requirements and other relevant changes to admissions related information.

The content and submission of Alert Lists is a matter for the Admissions Office in each HEI. CAO will update Alert Lists as they are submitted. The HEIs are not obliged to submit Alert Lists.

Code HEI Alert List Last Updated
AC American College, Dublin 2 No updates
AD National College of Art and Design, Dublin 8 AD Alert List 25/10/23 11:08
AU Atlantic Technological University, AU Alert List 08/05/24 14:49
BY IBAT College Dublin, Dublin 2 No updates
CK University College Cork (NUI) CK Alert List 31/10/23 12:09
CM Marino Institute of Education, Dublin 9 No updates
CT CCT College Dublin, Dublin 2 No updates
DB Dublin Business School, Dublin 2 No updates
DC Dublin City University, Dublin 9 DC Alert List 24/06/24 10:17
DK Dundalk Institute of Technology DK Alert List 19/03/24 12:05
DL Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology DL Alert List 27/11/23 17:21
DN University College Dublin (NUI), Dublin 4 DN Alert List 27/10/23 15:36
DS Dorset College, Dublin 1 No updates
GB Galway Business School No updates
GC Griffith College, Dublin 8 GC Alert List 18/04/24 15:59
GY University of Galway GY Alert List 08/04/24 15:55
ID ICD Business School, Dublin 2 No updates
LM University of Limerick, Ireland LM Alert List 21/12/23 16:35
MH Maynooth University, Co Kildare MH Alert List 04/10/23 15:56
MI Mary Immaculate College, Limerick MI Alert List 06/11/23 11:25
MT Munster Technological University, MT Alert List 23/01/24 09:50
MU Pontifical University, St Patrick's College, Co Kildare No updates
NC National College of Ireland (NCI), Dublin 1 NC Alert List 30/01/24 16:45
NM St Nicholas Montessori College Ireland, Dun Laoghaire No updates
PC Carlow College, St. Patrick`s PC Alert List 23/11/23 16:47
RC RCSI University of Medicine & Health Sciences, Dublin 2 RC Alert List 06/11/23 16:04
SC Setanta College, No updates
SE South East Technological University, SE Alert List 02/11/23 12:30
TR Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2 No updates
TU Technological University Dublin TU Alert List 25/03/24 17:27
US Technological University of the Shannon, US Alert List 16/01/24 14:07