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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Have you received my online CAO application?
  2. I am not receiving emails from CAO.
  3. I need to change my personal details online.
  4. How can I obtain my Leaving Certificate examination number?
  5. I do not have my previous Leaving Certificate Exam number and so cannot enter it online now.
  6. I omitted to tick one of the Qualification and Assessment sections relevant to my application. What should I do?
  7. I get "Page not found" when I click on "Apply" or "My Application". The rest of the CAO web-site is working for me.
  8. In the mature section there is not enough space to complete my details. What can I do?
  9. When I log out of my application does that mean that the information that was sent to CAO cannot be added to/changed in my application at anytime in the future.
  10. I was filling in details in the Qualification and Assessment page and the screen crashed and I lost all my information.
  11. I filled out the Qualifications and Assessment Section, but I had not finished entering all the details. Now it won't let me update my Qualifications and Assessment details; it is asking me to add my course choices. What should I do?
  12. I applied previously to CAO in a different year, can I still use my old number?
  13. When I log in to my CAO account it won't let me enter my course choices, it keeps asking me for my Qualification and Assessment details
  14. My account does not let me add or change courses
  15. Do I need an account password?
  16. Do I need an e-mail address?
  17. I have e-mailed to CAO my exam number but my online account was not updated.
  18. I am applying for a course with subject choices, how do I enter my subject choices?
  19. I have completed GCE/GCSE exams previously, where do I enter my results?
  20. I have also applied to UCAS. Where is the submit button on the CAO form?
  21. I have been displaced by the war in Ukraine and granted Temporary Protection in Ireland, how do I apply for higher education?
  22. How to cancel a CAO application
  23. How do I know if my documents have been received by CAO?
  24. When can I view my documents online?
  25. I applied to CAO before, do I need to resend my documents for my new application?
  26. I need evidence of my application to CAO.
  27. I have a Department of Education Exemption from taking Irish in secondary school - what do I need to do?