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How do I enable JavaScript in my browser?

To use the CAO online facilities JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

Google Chrome

  1. Click 'Customise and control" button (three vertical dots) from the top right of Google Chrome
  2. Choose 'Settings'
  3. Under 'Privacy and security' select 'Site settings'
  4. Click 'JavaScript'
  5. Select 'Sites can use Javascript'

Mozilla Firefox

  1. In the address bar, type about:config and press Enter
  2. Click 'I accept the risk!' if a warning message appears
  3. Find the javascript.enabled row under the Preference Name heading
  4. Double-click anywhere within the javascript.enabled row to toggle the value from 'False' to 'True'

Apple Safari

  1. Select 'Safari' from the top menu
  2. Choose 'Preferences'
  3. Choose 'Security'
  4. Select the checkbox next to 'Enable JavaScript' under the Web content category

Please bear in mind that upgrading your browser or installing new security software or security patches may affect your JavaScript settings.

If you are still experiencing problems after ensuring that JavaScript is enabled in your browser, please check if you have any firewall or internet security software that may be blocking JavaScript.

For information on how to disable the JavaScript blocking features of a particular firewall or internet security product, we recommend that you contact the support for that product directly.