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GCE A-level/AS Level/GCSE

The Higher Education Institutions determine how qualifications are evaluated, not CAO. In the case of GCE/GCSE qualifications from Northern Ireland and Britain the HEIs employ the approach below. All questions, comments or suggestions regarding how qualifications are evaluated should be directed to the admissions offices of the HEIs you wish to apply to (contact details Click here).

How do I work out my points score?
The equivalence will be calculated as follows:
Table 2: Points conversion table
Universities and
associated colleges
Technological Universities & Institutes of Technology16
Grade Best 3 A-Levels 4th Subject Best 3 A-Levels AS Levels
(& 4th A-level where presented)
A-Level AS Level
A* 185 45 3117 185 7418
A 156 38 26 156 62
B 131 32 22 131 52
C 106 26 18 106 42
D 84 20 14 84 34
E 63 15 11 63 25

16 A separate scoring system operates for Dundalk Institute of Technology, please see website for details.
17 Extended project (EPQ) is scored as an AS level and an A* is available in this.
18 Applies to A level only

Single Sitting:
A single sitting refers to a single academic year (i.e. 2024 academic year runs from September 2023-August 2024)

Bonus points for mathematics:
25 additional points will be awarded for a grade E or better in A2 Mathematics. This will apply to only ONE mathematics subject of the following: Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Pure Mathematics, and only where that subject is used as one of the subjects for scoring purposes. NB Mathematics and Pure Mathematics cannot be counted separately for points purposes

Notes: Universities and associated colleges:
  1. Applicants are scored on the basis of their best four distinct recognised subjects i.e. 4 A-levels, or 3 A-levels combined with an AS level from the same or preceding year.
  2. If 4 A-levels are presented, the lowest grade is scored at the lower rate.
  3. Only A-level grades awarded in a single sitting can be considered for computation.
  4. Grades in the same subject in A2 and AS level cannot be combined.

Notes: Technological Universities and Institutes of Technology:
Applicants are scored on the basis of a maximum of 4 different subject results at A and/or AS
  1. The best 4 A level results in a single sitting.
  2. The best 3 A level results in a single sitting, plus the best AS level result from the previous or the same sitting.
  3. The best 2 A level subject results in a single sitting, plus the best 2 results at AS level from the previous or the same sitting.
  4. The best 1 A level subject result in a single sitting, plus the best 3 results at AS level from the previous or the same sitting.
  5. The best 4 AS level subject results in a single sitting.
Important information for all GCE Applicants
  • Evidence of GCSE examinations must be supplied in order to meet minimum entry requirements.
  • AS Levels must be in different subjects to those taken at A-Level to count for scoring.
  • Please see below for details of documents which must be provided to CAO.

For further information on GCE A-level/AS Level/GCSE requirements please see Entry requirements criteria for EU/EFTA/UK applicants.