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Irish Leaving Certificate Examination Points Calculation Grid **

**Applicants for undergraduate medicine courses should consult the literature of the appropriate institution for information on assessment procedures.

Higher Level Grade Points Ordinary Level Grade Points
H1 100
H2 88
H3 77
H4 66
H5 56 O1 56
H6 46 O2 46
H7 37 O3 37
H8 0 O4 28
O5 20
O6 12
O7 0
O8 0
Maths Bonus Points
25 bonus points will be awarded for Higher Level Mathematics for H6 grades and above. For example, if an applicant receives a H6 grade an additional 25 points will be added to the 46 points already awarded for a H6 grade i.e. Higher Level Mathematics now carries a points score of 71 for this applicant. Click here to view a more detailed description of the Bonus Points Scheme for Higher Level Leaving Certificate Mathematics, with some examples.

Leaving Certificate Points Calculator
For applicants who sat the Leaving Certificate before 2017

Foundation Level Mathematics

Foundation Level Grade Points
F1 20
F2 12
Points for Foundation level Mathematics will be awarded by certain institutions. Applicants should refer to the literature available from each HEI for full details.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

LCVP Grade Points
Distinction 66
Merit 46
Pass 28
All HEIs award points for results in Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme Link Modules, in place of a sixth Leaving Certificate subject. However, not all HEIs count LCVP as meeting eligibility requirements in regard to passing subjects. Applicants should refer to HEI literature for full details.

Accompanying conditions:
  1. The six best results, in recognised subjects, in one Leaving Certificate Examination will be counted for points computation.
  2. One sitting only of the Leaving Certificate Examination will be counted for points purposes.
  3. In the case of certain subjects, e.g. Home Economics General (this subject was discontinued in 2003), Foundation Level Mathematics or Foundation Level Irish, some HEIs may not award the points shown above. If in any doubt, check with the Admissions Office of the appropriate HEIs..
  4. Remember, you must first meet the minimum entry requirements in order to be considered for entry to a course. The bonus points are included in the overall points calculation only when Mathematics is one of the applicant's best six subjects following the addition of the bonus.