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CAO Offers FAQ

  1. Why didn’t I receive an offer?
  2. I have accepted my offer, what happens next?
  3. I have already accepted an offer in an earlier round and now I have a new offer, what should I do?
  4. My points are incorrect.
  5. Why am I ineligible?
  6. I want to defer, what should I do?
  7. Will I disqualify myself from other offers if I accept / refuse this one?
  8. I do not want the course I have been offered. Can I get a place in another course which is lower in my order of preference than the one offered, or in a course for which I have not applied at all?
  9. How do I appeal a Leaving Certificate grade(s)?
  10. What happens if a Leaving Certificate result is regraded on appeal ?
  11. Will there be more offers issued?
  12. When are Available Place offers issued?
  13. My QQI FET, FETAC, NCVA, VCE / other qualification / was not taken into account.
  14. I have noticed an error in the information that CAO holds on file for me, what should I do?
  15. Some or all of my A level results are missing.
  16. My GCE/GCSE results are not recorded on my application.
  17. I received an offer but I don’t want it, what do I do?
  18. What are my chances of an offer in a later round?
  19. Do I have to pay a fee when returning my acceptance to CAO ?
  20. Can you give me information about grants?
  21. Can you tell me about accommodation and/or course content?
  22. I have not received any offers, what can I do?
  23. If I accept my current offer, does this mean I won’t receive any offers in later rounds?
  24. I want a course lower in my preferences than my current offer, what can I do?
  25. There is a mistake in my application, what should I do?
  26. I have updated my examination information online but my account hasn’t been updated.
  27. I have posted examination results to CAO, what now?
  28. I want to apply for an Available Places Course, what do I do?
  29. How do I list my courses when applying for Available Places?
  30. I have appealed some of my results, what happens if I get an upgrade?
  31. I am eligible for DARE – why didn’t I receive an offer?
  32. I am eligible for HEAR – why didn’t I receive an offer?
  33. I had the points for a course, but the published points have an * beside them, does this mean random number was used?
  34. What is my position on the waiting list for a course?
  35. Can you give me information about fees/grants/scholarships?