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Trinity Feasibility Study

What is The Trinity Feasibility Study in Admissions?
The Trinity Feasibility Study aims to identify and admit students who are enthusiastic and passionate about learning, motivated and suitable for their chosen courses, and with the academic ability and potential to be inspired by everything that Trinity College Dublin has to offer. It uses a range of materials to make an assessment about the academic ability and potential of each applicant, aiming to match the right person to the right course. It is very important that you complete this application independently of your school Guidance Counsellor, parent or other family member so that the Trinity College Assessment Panel gets a clearer sense of you as an individual. Trinity College has advised Guidance Counsellors not to become directly involved in drafting or editing individual applications. All applications will be made completely anonymous before evaluation.

The majority of places on each course will be filled in the traditional way using CAO points alone. Twenty-five places are set aside for this study and these places will be filled using a combination of Leaving Certificate results, Relative Performance Rank (RPR), and information provided in the Trinity Application Form. The courses involved in the study are: History (TR003) – 10 places; Law (TR004) – 10 places; Ancient and Medieval History and Culture (TR028) – 5 places. Relative Performance Rank refers to your academic ranking within the Leaving Certificate cohort in your school when results are published. Further information on the study and guidelines for applicants are available at:

Who can apply?
The Trinity Feasibility Study in Admissions is for Irish Leaving Certificate applicants under the age of 23 as of January 1 2023.

Should I apply?
Applicants to the three courses in the Feasibility Study (TR003, TR004, TR028) in 2023 have the option of taking part in the study, and submitting the Trinity Application Form, in which case they will compete for all of the regular places on the course filled in the traditional way, as well as the places set aside for the study, or opting out of the study, in which case they will compete for all of the places allocated in the traditional way.

When applying for TR003, TR004 or TR028 applicants will be required to opt in or out of the Feasibility Study. Once the course is listed a Yes/No tab will appear and they must indicate 'yes' or 'no' before they can proceed. Once they have submitted their course choices applicants will log back into 'My Application' where they will be able to submit the information required for the Trinity Application Form.

Do you wish to be considered for the Trinity Feasibility Study in Admissions?
Ticking yes means you have read and accept the Trinity Feasibility Study Terms and Conditions.

An application to the Trinity Feasibility Study in Admissions consists of:
  1. Your CAO application and
  2. The online form which must be completed by 17:00 on 1 March 2023.
You can make changes to your application at any time up to 17:00 on 1 March 2023. Please note, failure to answer all relevant sections will affect your eligibility for the Trinity Feasibility Study in Admissions.